Daniela Carletti was born in Ferrara, northern Italy, and started to be interested in art at the end of the seventies. That was the time when she began to attend a painting, watercolor, sculpturing and graphic school, whose teachers were important artists of her town.
She has experimented with different materials like: clay to realize terracotta sculptures similar to the ones of Henry Moore, resin and fiberglass for more abstract sculptures, wire and plaster for lighter vaguely humanlike figures.

Around the nineties, she started to make reliefs with plaster. Since then, it was the nature in its most humble aspect that became the main source of her artwork, a nature of reeds and wild herbs, you find along rivers and ditches, everywhere they can't be cut by human hands.
She picked up and through a personal procedure reproduced them with special hard plaster on special tissue (tarlatan). After many solo and group exhibitions, in 2007 she participated in the 4th International Symposium of painting in Odessa (UKR) and exhibition at the Museum of Eastern and Western Art.
In the year 2008, after having attended a graphic school (Laboratori Liberi) near Urbino, Italy, she experimented many different techniques on Japanese paper.
In the year 2011, after many solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, she was invited to the Biennial of Venice, 54th International Art Exhibition, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.
In the year 2013, invited by Kurt Blum, G.M. of Swiss Art Gate UAE, she held a solo exhibition at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, and since 2014 participated in solo and group exhibitions in United Arab Emirates, including at Artissima Art Gallery in Dubai, at Sharjah University, College of Fine Art and Design, and Ministry of Culture in Umm al Qwain.
Since 2015 she participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad: Museo Magi '900, Pieve di Cento; Centro Puecher, Milano; Chiostro di Sant'Agostino, Veroli; Artissima Art Gallery, Dubai; Deutchen Hirtenmuseum, Hersbruck; Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi; Cloister Galleria D'Arte, Ferrara; Galleria del Carbone, Ferrara; Pinacoteca Civica di San Severino Marche; Binali Yildirim University, Erzincan; Club 55 Pigneto, Roma; Arte in Studio, Milano; Saphira & Ventura Gallery, New York.
Since 2018 she also resumed making sculptures with iron wires and hard plaster.

Her poetry is expressed by the representation of nature.

She says of her work: "I think I have nostalgia for a time when human beings lived in direct communication with nature. I can't explain in any other way my compulsive need to represent it. In all my artworks I just follow my inspiration, there is not much planning; the different materials I use suggest the path I follow. In the various steps of processing, all senses are involved, acting in synergy with the mind and the heart, showing me where to go. Creating an artwork is like making a trip to the mysterious and attractive unknown."


ArteMea Advisory - London/Venice
Artissima Art Gallery - Dubai
Swiss Art Gate UAE - Dubai

Exhibitions from 2010

    • Aesthetic Oblivion, Saphira & Ventura Gallery, New York
    • Arte in Studio, by ArteMea Art Consultant & Serena Cassissa, Milano
    • Into the Wild-Nelle Terre Selvagge, Cloister Galleria d'Arte, Ferrara-Solo
    • Arte e Moda in Villa, Villa Saraceni, Frassinelle-Rovigo-Solo
    • In memory of Borys Aydin, 2th International Plastic Art Exhibition, Binali Yildirim University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Erzincan (TR)
    • Sensum, Club 55 Pigneto, Roma
    • Matrice del Paradiso, Pinacoteca Civica, San Severino Marche
    • Wandering-Girovagando, Cloister Galleria d'Arte, Ferrara-Solo
    • Ai Mulini, Galleria del Carbone, Ferrara
    • Equus & Folium, Emirates Palace, Mezzaluna, curated by Swiss Art Gate UAE, Abu Dhabi (UAE) - duo exhibition
    • In den Maandern der Schonheit, Deutschen Hirtenmuseum, Hersbruck
    • Luce nell'Arte, Arte nella Luce, Centro Puecher, Milano (I) - Solo exhibition
    • Dodici Contemporaneamente 2a edizione: "Perimetri, prospettive, vie di fuga", mostra Internazionale a cura del MAC, Veroli (I)
    • Women with their own light, Artissima Art Gallery, Dubai (UAE)
    • Attraversare mondi, Cloister Galleria d'Arte, Ferrara (I) - Solo exhibition
    • Tracce e segmenti, Cloister Galleria d'Arte, Ferrara (I)
    • Voli di luce, Poltrona Frau e Hotel Annunziata, Ferrara (I) - Solo exhibition
    • Sulla via degli aironi, Museo Magi '900, Pieve di Cento -Bo- (I) - Solo exhibition
    • Sentire il viaggio, OnArt Gallery, Firenze (I)
    • Gemellaggio d'Arte Firenze-Fès, Palazzo Rosselli del Turco Sede dell'European School of Economics, Firenze (I)
    • ArtUAE 5th Edition, Armani Oasi, Burji Khalifa, Dubai (UAE)
    • Inspiring Collections, Sharjah University, College of Fine Arts and Design, in collaboration with Artissima Art Gallery-Dubai, Sharjah (UAE)
    • Equilibri, Chie Art Gallery, Milano (I)
    • Center of Ministry of Culture in Umm al Quwain,a cura di Artissima Art Gallery-Dubai (UAE)
    • La Leda perduta: una collezione ferrarese - Divagazioni su un mito nel centenario di Michelangelo Buonarroti a cura di Lucio Scardino, Camerini del Principe, Castello Estense, Ferrara (I)
    • Ajman Saray Hotel, Ajman (Emirati Arabi Uniti) a cura di Artissima Art Gallery-Dubai (UAE)
    • Metamorphosis, Artissima Art Gallery, Dubai (UAE) - Solo exhibition
    • Inland, Spazio Espositivo Banca Mediolanum, Ferrara (I) - Solo exhibition
    • Metamorphosis, Emirates Palace, Mezzaluna, a cura Swiss Art Gate UAE, Abu Dhabi (UAE) - Solo exhibition
    • Le farfalle ci sono ancora? Rassegna "Incontri d'Autore" a cura di Lucia Boni e Paolo Volta, Galleria del Carbone, Ferrara (I) - Solo exhibition
    • Ferrara in Nurnberg, Kreis Galerie am Germanischen Nationalmuseum, Nurnberg (D)
    • In ordine sparso, Galleria Rosso Cinabro, Roma (I)
    • Georgia Berlin Galerie, Berlino (D)
    • L'ultima foglia d'autunno sulla via dell'elfo, Palazzo Bellini, Comacchio -Fe- (I) - Solo exhibition
    • Biennale di Venezia, 54a Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte, Padiglione Italia - regione Emilia-Romagna, Chiostri di San Pietro, Reggio Emilia (I)
    • Creature dei fossi, Poltrona Frau e Hotel Annunziata, Ferrara (I) - Solo exhibition
    • Le Vie del Vento, Galleria Il Ponte, Pieve di Cento -Bo (I) - Solo exhibition
    • Il gioco delle Stagioni, Rocca di Cento, Cento-Fe (I) - Solo exhibition